Courses Weekday Weekend and Holiday Obon(Aug. 11-18)
Snorkeling Tours¥6,050¥6,600¥7,150
Discover Scuba Diving Experience¥9,900¥11,000¥12,100
Standard Scuba Trip(1 dive)¥7,150¥7,700¥8,250
Standard Scuba Trip(2 dives)¥12,650¥13,750¥14,850

※Prices per person (kids are same as adults).
※All of the prices include hot water shower and tax.
※Each prices include rental equipment except Standard Scuba Trip.

Equipment Rental
Full Equipment Pack
(Wet Suit or Dry Suit, Boots, Hood, Gloves, Weight Belts, Regulator, BC, Gauges, Mask, Fins, Snorkel)
Wet Suit or Dry Suit ¥5,500
Regulator, BC, Gauges Pack ¥5,500
Mask, Fins, Snorkel Pack ¥3,300